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Attract men by being fascinating and by not looking for them

One of the biggest ways to attract a man is by being fascinating. If you can arouse his curiosity, you’ll capture his interest. There are several ways to do this, and they all revolve around cultivating a fascinating persona.

If you like to read, read more. Read lots of different types of things…newspapers, magazines, science-fiction novels, internet blogs, and how-to books. When you read a lot, you know a lot, and thus you’ll have a lot to contribute to a conversation.

News, stories about interesting people, articles about politics or where the world is headed, or interesting novels are all good fuel for scintillating conversations.

Keep an open mind about other’s opinions and don’t try to come off as an expert. Let there be give and take in the conversation. Who knows…you just might learn something new that makes you even more fascinating at the next party!

Another way to become fascinating is to take up some new sport or hobby, preferably one that isn’t terribly common. What’s common? Golf, mountain biking, video games, road running. What’s not common? Whitewater kayaking, skydiving, trail running, tie-dyeing shirts, and Ultimate Frisbee, among other things.

So try to find a sport or hobby that’s little-known, yet still has a fairly high “cool factor.” Think snowboarding prior to 2000, or mountain biking prior to about 1990. Don’t stray into the realm of stuff that’s off-beat, yet boring, like button collecting.

Don’t like reading or sports? Try travel. Splurge and take a nice vacation to somewhere in the Caribbean with your friends. Then you’ll have something interesting to talk about. If travel abroad is out of your budget, consider quick weekend getaways to nearby attractions like beaches, lakes, or mountains. Even a day trip on the weekend will do if it’s to somewhere that most people haven’t been.

Another source of good conversation is your friends. If one of your friends goes on the kind of trips you wish you could go on but can’t afford, pump them for information about what it’s like in Japan, or Rome, or the Bahamas. Then you’ll have travel stories to tell, even if they’re second-hand.

In general, you should try to get out and do as many things and be with as many people as you can, for two reasons. One is that you’ll get stories out of them, stories that will make you a fascinating person when you tell them. The other is that, who knows, you might just meet a guy when you’re out and about.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is: DON’T go out looking for a man.

You’ll find your greatest success when you’re not looking.

Sound strange? It’s not–there’s actually a good reason for this when you stop and think about it.

When you set a goal to meet men, you project that to people, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously. And usually there’s a tinge of desperation, a hint of neediness.

When you’re at a party or just hanging out with friends at a public place and you’re looking around at the men there, scoping them out, they see that and it turns them off. It makes you look like a needy, clingy woman who just can’t wait to get her claws into a man.

Instead, even if you are looking for someone, push that thought to the back of your mind and just live your life. Go out with friends, smile, laugh, and have fun. Every single woman I’ve ever talked to about this has told me that she’s met the very best men–including husbands–when she was not really looking for them, just minding her own business.

Make the effort to engage the world by taking up a new sport, game, hobby, or cause. Don’t go there to meet men, go there to do whatever they’re doing there. The men will be there.

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The Secret of My Success With Women

An apple tree has around 300 apples, each with 10 seeds. That’s 3000 seeds. How many more apple trees will grow from these seeds? Only a few; certainly not 1500 (half), let alone 3000 (all).

What can we learn from this?

What nature is telling us is that “Most seeds never grow, or will never have a chance to grow. So if you want success you have to try more than once.”

When applying this law to women, we realize that most times you approach a woman, you will get rejected. So walk away from that woman and move right on to the next.

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Forget the elaborate seduction schemes and lay guides. Just approach:

with good grooming
solid eye contact
kino (touching)
a smile
no desperation (be willing to walk away)
and confidence.

That’s the best you can do with an approach. If you get rejected, remember “The Law of the Seed.”

Laws of nature are the same for everyone. So, just like gravity, this law applies to me, to you, and to the rest of the world. So why would you take a law of nature personally?

Did the Wright brothers say: “Why doesn’t gravity like us?” when they were trying to build an airplane. Of course not, they just made the necessary adjustments and moved on to a different model.

In order to taste success, you must first taste failure. Failure breeds success!
So why take rejection personally? After all, it’s just “The Law of the Seed” at work.

I consider myself successful with women. I am still a single guy (or consider myself single), but I can walk into a bar or club and come out with a few phone numbers or a girl on my arm. I can go out with friends and be the only one to approach the hot blond while the others sit there drooling (and often get jealous). And I have maintained a passionate relationship for the past 2 months.

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How do I get this success?

Here Is My Secret

It’s not as hard as the bitter guys of the world would have you believe. I’ve just done my best to apply the Don Juan principles (the hardest of which for me was kino, which isn’t that hard when you get used to it) and applied “The Law of the Seed.”

I’ve approached as many women as possible. I’ve been rejected a hell of a lot more than I’ve had success, but the rejections have given me confidence (I haven’t taken them personally), and the success has been Oh-So-Good.

In order to taste success, you must first understand that you are more likely to taste failure. Failure breeds success. Accept this fact.

Then give yourself as many chances as possible to succeed.

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What causes men to get rejected by woman

Think back to the last time that a woman turned you down for a date. What was your approach? Before asking her out, how confident were you that she would say, “Yes” ? What was her reaction?

Chances are, you were left wondering what went wrong. This situation occurs all too often. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the main reasons women turn men down is that men don’t sell themselves very well. If a salesperson selling soap approached you and said, “Here it is, would you like to buy it?” you probably wouldn’t give them a second glance. Why would their soap be any different than the soap that you already use?

You wouldn’t know because they haven’t told you.

Now I’m not suggesting that you should ever try to convince a woman to liking you by reasoning with her. Attraction doesn’t work that way. What you have to do is sell yourself as something that is unique.

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You have to show her that you have something different to offer than all the other guys that she has met. Women want a unique man. They want someone who is going to make them feel special.

When asking a woman out on a date, most guys ask out for dinner and a movie. Sometimes they get to the first or second date, then something goes wrong and they never get any further.

At this point, you may be thinking that this sounds all too familiar. You went on a few dates with this fantastic girl, things went fine and you had a good time, but she stopped returning your calls after a while. The reasons for this are probably the same reasons for why you fail to get a first date.

You didn’t show her how unique and attractive you are, and she got bored. You’re probably thinking now, ‘How do I sell myself, what do women want from me?’

As I mentioned earlier, women want something unique and special, something that is a real treat for them. The next time you ask a girl out on a date, make it something that is totally different than any date that she has had before.

If you make it unique, she will remember you for it, and she will want to see you again. On the second date, do something different than on the first. Keep it interesting. You don’t need to be good-looking; you just need to be a little different than the norm.

Here are some good ideas for different dates that will have women eager to go out with you. Ask her to go on a bicycle ride through a park; it’s very romantic and far more engaging than a movie. Perhaps you could ask her to go on a picnic or go to an amusement park.

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One thing that women often complain about is that men don’t dance. Most women love dancing and would love a guy to take them. Dancing is sensuous and exciting, and you get to be close to her.

All these dates play on one thing. They are interesting, memorable, and, most importantly, they are romantic. If there is one thing that women want the most, it is a little romance from someone they are attracted to.

Mistakes Men Make on the First Date
I have talked to many women on the subject of the first date, and the similarities in their stories are startling. When asked about mistakes that men make on a first date, many women said that guys are too aggressive and don’t show enough respect. In a few cases, women actually felt that they were not safe because of their date’s behavior. This is a sad thing, and it happens far too often.

Women want guys that are caring and sensitive to their needs. If you are pushy and aggressive about what you want, you will find it very hard to keep a girl past the first date. If you show respect and treat women as more than just a piece of meat, then you are well on your way to a fulfilling relationship. A sex-crazed caveman is a big turn-off on the first date. We are an evolved species. We don’t take women with club in hand anymore.

On the first date, don’t bombard her with sexual demands. If you take your time, it gives her the impression that you are a skilled lover and that you are willing to get to know her.

Most men make the mistake of trying to get sex on the first date because they think that if they succeed in doing so, they have succeeded in getting the girl.

This is far from the truth. You must take your time. Women love sex just as much as men, but on the first date it pays to move slow.

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How To Become More Confident Around Women in 3 Simple Steps

Let’s talk about confidence: Girls always say that they love confidence in guys.

As I was growing up, it always felt like girls would always go for the guys who were more confident and outgoing. Whenever I had a crush on a girl, most of the time I would be too scared to ask her out. My mind would tell me things like “she probably already has a boyfriend,” and if I did try to talk to her then I would become super awkward and would barely even be able to say anything.

This makes it especially difficult because as men, we’re the ones who are expected to be the initiators when it comes to dating. It’s up to us to take the first step and ask her out, to go for the first kiss, to ask her to be exclusive, to say the first “I love you”, and so on. And this can mean having to step way, way out of your comfort zone.

How are we supposed to be confident when it comes to dating, then?

I’m not going to give you some generic advice such as “fake it until you make it” or “just be confident.” You’ve probably already heard that enough times already.

Instead, I’m going to show you the three steps that I used to finally become confident around women.

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Step 1: Understand the Psychology of Confidence

The first step is to understand how the psychology of confidence works.

Simply put, confidence reflects how much faith you have in yourself that you are able to complete a task successfully. This is influenced by your experience as well as the amount of risk involved, and it’s an evolutionary survival tool designed for keeping you out of trouble.

Imagine that you’re in the jungle with a friend and your companion decides that he’s going to fight a lion with his bare hands. You, on the other hand, don’t feel confident about the idea of doing so. One of you is going to be okay and the other… probably not so much.

In order to improve your confidence, you need to build the relevant skills and experience that allow you to have more faith in yourself around what you are trying to accomplish.

Think about the first time that you drove a car. Do you remember how you felt when you first pressed that gas pedal? How you felt when you pulled out into traffic the first time? And how you felt when you drove onto the highway for the first time?

You probably felt a little nervous or unsure of yourself. After all, you had no experience other than studying the textbook in drivers’ ed class. How do you feel when you drive a car today?

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By now, you’ve been driving for hundreds and hundreds of hours. You have a lot more experience and a lot of it just feels like second nature to you. Because of this, you have a lot more faith in your driving abilities today which makes you much more confident than when you were first starting out.

Let’s apply this to dating.

Confidence around dating involves gaining the skills and experiences that allow you to have more faith in yourself around women. One of the most powerful ways for you to approach this is to adopt a growth mindset.

Someone who has a growth mindset knows that their skills and abilities can always be improved. They believe that they have the power to improve themselves and they see failure as opportunities for improvement rather than becoming discouraged by it.

The opposite is a fixed mindset. Someone with a fixed mindset believes that their skills and abilities can’t be changed. They might say things like “I just don’t have what takes” or “I’ll never be as good as he is” or “I’m just not good at this.” Each of these sentences implies some sort of helplessness.

It might take some time to switch from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, especially if you’ve been following it since you were young. By learning to recognize these types of thoughts as they pop up and then realize that they aren’t true, you’ll slowly be able to adopt the new mindset.

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Step 2: Give Out Drive-By Compliments

The next step is to build up your courage by doing some drive-by compliments. To do this, you give someone a genuine compliment and then vanish.

Here are some examples:

Nice shirt/shoes/pants/jacket!
Your hair is awesome!
You are a beautiful woman!
Looking good!
Your dog is so cute!

This sounds deceptively simple and yet is really awesome.

First and foremost, you cannot possibly be shot down by the people that you approach. Since you are not asking for anything, you risk no social rejection. And you will long be on your merry way before it can ever become awkward.

In addition, you probably made the day of everyone that you complimented. Think about it, the person you just talked to might have been having a really rough day. Suddenly, you step out of the shadows and brighten their mood with a compliment before disappearing into the night again. You’re now the mysterious stranger who went out of his way to make someone else’s day better.

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Cougars, a new name for the “Mature Woman”

A Cougar is an older woman that is strong, knows her territory, and goes after what she wants relying on her experience to guide her. This is the name young men have given older women who date younger men, and supposedly what younger men are looking for today. I’m not so sure I really care to be called a Cougar, because I don’t see my dates as “prey,” but it is something new going around and you can decide whether you want to be called one or not.

Joan Collins, is considered the ultimate Cougar. Males of all ages and sizes are seeking to spend time with them, and will go where they think Cougars may be. I guess being called a Cougar is supposed to be a complement.

Back in the 70s when it was discovered that Burt Reynolds, a major sex symbol, had been carrying on a four year romance with TV-show host and singer Dinah Shore who was 20 years older, started tongues to wag and eyebrows to be raised. John Travolta was only 22 when he claimed his love for Diana Hyland, who was 40 years old at the time. What surprised most people was the fact that both of these men were gorgeous and they could have any woman they wanted, and they chose to date women much older than them.

Today, the May-December romances between younger men and older women barely turn heads anymore. Women like Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz are now making it fashionable to have a younger mans arm to hang on. Younger men with older women are a trend that is gaining momentum. A recent U.S. Census Bureau figures show that in the year 2000, 12% of all marriages were between older women and younger men. Online dating services are also seeing a change according to and their recent poll showing a majority of male clients were willing to date older women.

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Jane Greer, Ph.D., a marriage and sex therapist says that “in some cases, a younger man represents the chance for a woman to make better choices than she did earlier on. Most women in their 30s or 40s have usually been with the so-called Mr. Right, only to find out that he wasn’t ultimately right for them. These women go on to have a much clearer sense of what they are looking for in a partner, and they don’t get discouraged if they find those qualities in a man who’s younger.” Studies are seeing more of what are called ‘peer marriages,’ in which partners are marrying for companionship rather than for the traditional reproductive or economic reasons, especially when it’s the “second time around for older women.”

Filicia Brings and Susan Winter, authors of the book Older Women, Younger Men, feel that a lot of these preferences are simply out of necessity, the statistical realities for baby boomer, there are just more women baby boomers than men. Valerie Gibson, author of her “guide book,” Cougar, believes the fact that older woman’s sexual peak is more aligned with that of a younger man. Her philosophy on the matter is that the older woman has “been there done that” attitude in terms of marriage, kids, and commitment so now she’s looking for something “light and flashy,” the younger man finds all this free and easy sex very attractive.

However, Gibson warns her cougars not to expect or demand a long-term relationship, calling this the “golden ‘short-term’ rule.” Her claim is “as long as you obey this rule, you will be okay. Brings and Winter do not agree with Gibson’s claim and in their book Older Woman, Younger Men, they show repeatedly, that most of these relationships last more than ten years. Pointing out the relationship between their capstone couple, Karolina and Paolo, who met when she was 55 and he was 39. Twenty five years later, at 80 and 64, the two are still together.

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Winter and Brings believe what attracts young men to older women is the fact that older women don’t play mind games, they know who they are and what they want. They are confident and interesting, and are more comfortable in their own skin. Gibson puts her two cents in and tells her cougars they have nothing to worry about from “pumas” aka, younger women. She follows this advice with a section in her book called “Surviving a Puma Attack.” Gibson’s point is that for whatever reason, younger men want older women, their not just “settling.”

Frank, a younger man, who recently voiced his preference for older women or cougars, on a blog, say’s he has been intensely attracted to older women since he was in his early teens before it was “fashionable.” At the age of 20, Frank says, “I was interested in women well into their late 40s, and it continues today.” He continues, “for me, I always felt I was much more mature than other guys, and thru high school, college, and post-college, I thought that a women my age were too immature, with values that were too shallow, (what car do you drive, what kind of dancer are you, what clubs do you go to, etc.)

Things that weren’t important to me at all. Older women seemed to me to be more together, more experienced, intelligent, to-the-point, honest, witty, and open. They were mysterious and worldly, and I liked that a lot!” Frank claims to be very attracted to older women sexually also. “They are just the sexiest women in the world to me! While other guys were into Carmen Electra, I was into Raquel Welch.

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Joan Collins doing Playboy was a revelation; I just love the physical nuances that come with age…grey hair, wrinkles, softer curvier body. I fantasised constantly about wonderful evenings out with intelligent conversation followed by incredible, steamy sex. (Where the hell is this guy, and where can I met him?) Frank has plenty of company.

More and older women are finding that guys like him are exciting too. They may be feeling their power after managing a successful career; they may want to indulge in some play after doing for others for many years—whatever the case, the older women, younger men option is now up for consideration. Those who are a little leery might find either Gibson’s book or Brings/Winter’s book worth a read.

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Worst dating mistakes men make.

Dating is hard, as we all know. The single life isn’t easy, and no one wants to be alone. But many men just like you make a lot of dating mistakes that ultimately lead to unhappiness or sleeping alone.

The worst part is that most of you don’t even realize when you are breaking some of the major dating rules. Even worse is when you think you are doing the right thing and believe that you are coming across as cool or sexy when, in fact, you are turning off every woman within a 20-mile radius.

So what can you do about that?

I feel your pain and your anguish, and I have put together a handy little list of the worst dating mistakes that men make and how you can avoid them. They are as follows:

*Staring or ogling at a woman, or following her across the room. Guys, this borders on stalking and is extremely creepy. A little eye contact is okay if done with confidence, but be careful not to stare for too long and be sure to smile.
*If you want to say hello, then say hello. Don’t stare a woman down half the night and then try to approach her. She’ll likely run away or spray you with a can of mace or zap you with a stun gun.
*Not calling her by her name. If you expect to get a positive response from “babe,” “chick,” or “broad,” you might be dating in the wrong generation. These terms are considered degrading and repulsive to most women and will only turn her off and make her think you’re a jerk. So don’t use them. Instead, find out her name and use it often—and by all means, pronounce it right. Nothing is more annoying than having someone mispronounce a name.
*Spending the whole conversation staring at her breasts. You should look a woman in the eye while you are talking. She will notice if you don’t. On the same note, do not compliment her explicitly on her body parts. Treating her like an object will turn her off quickly and make her think you are a jerk. Instead, concentrate on looking into her eyes and getting to know her as a real person.
*Controlling every aspect of the date. This is a serious dating DON’T! If she wants to order for herself, open the door for herself, or even pay for herself, let her. Although women like to feel pampered, they certainly don’t want to feel overpowered. By allowing her to express independence, she will be impressed that you do not feel threatened by her liberty. The key, though, is to follow her lead.
*Being too sexually aggressive. Don’t act like you want to jump her bones before you even know her name. Acting like your only reason for being with her is getting into her pants is not going to get you the girl. Instead, it will get you a very bad reputation and set you up for another dateless night.

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*Spending all your time checking out other women while you’re talking to her. Trust me, she will notice, and she definitely won’t like it. If you truly want to impress her and attract her to you, then you must focus all your attention on her. Treat her as if she is the only woman on the planet. Treat her like a lady, a lady that you are sincerely interested in getting to know.
*Bringing up your romantic history too quickly. Don’t brag about what a great lover you were to your last girlfriend or spend time telling stories about your old girlfriend or other dates you’ve been on. No woman wants to spend a date hearing about your ex. Instead, concentrate on getting to know her. If the conversation turns to your ex, then simply say that things didn’t work out and move on.
*Talking about questionable things that you do. Refrain from bragging about using drugs or participating in other illegal activities.
*Don’t talk about how much you can drink, the drunkest you’ve ever been, how loud you can fart, how far you can spit, or the stupidest thing you’ve ever done. This is not the way to impress a woman. Instead, concentrate on your positive attributes.
*Acting self-absorbed. Don’t talk constantly about yourself, and do not divulge too much about yourself all at once. Leave a little mystery and intrigue.
*Be honest about what you can do and ask your woman questions about herself. Let her get to know you slowly.
*Looking, feeling or acting desperate. Being desperate or needy is definitely a turn-off—women hate needy guys. Instead, be confident and assured. This will help you get more dates than acting desperate or needy.
*Poor hygiene. This should be a given, but it is so important that I had better mention it anyway. If your breath stinks, your clothes are unclean, or you smell like yesterday’s garbage, she’s going to be turned off. On the same note, if you’ve eaten something that makes your breath offensive, do yourself a favor and chew some gum or pop a peppermint before you approach her.
*Talking about sensitive issues. Avoid untactful conversation topics such as death, politics, and religion in the early stages of dating. These topics are controversial, and it’s best to keep conversation light in the beginning. Otherwise you may turn her off before you’ve even gotten the chance to turn her on.

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Acting possessive or domineering. Women hate these traits in a man. Although they like feeling protected and cared for, they don’t want to feel as if their mate doesn’t trust them or wants to run the show.

Remember that you should always treat your date like a person and respect her and work hard to avoid being rude and impolite. Try to imagine how she might feel if you were in her shoes, then do the right thing.

Don’t talk on your cell phone while you’re talking to someone in person. It’s just not polite and sends the message that you are distracted. Keep your phone on silent or vibrate and check it discretely if you are concerned about missing calls. If you must return a call, excuse yourself and take it somewhere else. Try not to be away too long. Nothing is more annoying to women than feeling as if a man is easily distracted.

Don’t drink to the point of intoxication. You should know what is too much for you. Although it is acceptable to go out and have a few drinks, it is not acceptable to become intoxicated and then approach a woman. Not only will this make her uncomfortable, but it will probably embarrass you, and this is not what you want.

Do not whine or complain or appear needy or selfish. Later into the relationship, you can discuss your wants and needs, but professing all this in the beginning, when you don’t even know her, will send out a very bad impression.

Do not pretend to be what your partner wants. Although this may seem like the way to go, it is much better to be honest at the very beginning. Although it is okay to accentuate the positive, it is never cool to lie. Embellishments are simply bad business and can lead to hurt her feelings and dissatisfaction.

In conclusion, if you memorize the above list of dating mistakes and vow not to make the same mistakes that most men make, you will see results immediately. You’ll find that you have more success with women whom you’re interested in dating.

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Find out What to do if she’s not interested

Most of us know how to tell if a girl is interested. We know the signs of flirting: the head tilting, the eye contact, the infamous hair flip.

You’ve studied how to flirt with women, how to make women approach you, and even how to get phone numbers. So you’re out making use of your newfound knowledge. You’re chatting up a girl at the club, in the mall, or even on the elevator.
You’re walking with confidence, dressing better—heck, even smelling better. You are a man on a mission and won’t take no for an answer!

But … what do you do when the girl you’re into isn’t interested?

Let’s say you’re practicing all the techniques, and you even saw her giving you the eye from across the room. So you catch her gaze and smile, holding the glance for a few seconds then breaking away.

Later, you repeat these steps. And she’s still looking at you. You want to approach her, but she’s with a group of catty friends, so you wait for just the right moment when she’s alone at the jukebox. You’re ready to make your move. This is the perfect moment: you’ll say “hi,” she’ll say “hi,” you’ll make some conversation about music and then it’s on. Right?

So you say, “Hi, I’m fill-in-the-blank.” And she responds with a “Hi.” Good sign! Then you notice her jukebox selection and you comment, “You know, I saw that band in concert in February! They’re awesome.” Way to go, Smooth-talker, this one’s in the bag. “So, do you have any of their albums?” You give her perfect eye contact and a charming smile.

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She looks straight back at you and replies with, “Did you know you spilled beer on your shirt?”

Ouch! That one’s gotta hurt!

Okay, so most women are actually not that rude when they reject a man. Most women try to spare the opposite sex the ego-crushing humiliation. But still, it’s hard when she’s not interested. So what is a guy to do?

Well, for starters, don’t take it too personally. Chances are, if a woman rudely rejects you, you wouldn’t want to be with her anyway. The same goes for a woman who’s just not interested. You deserve a woman who’s keen on you, not just the other way around. Not everyone you meet will click with you. It’s part of life, so accept it and move on.

The real problem comes when women are playing hard to get. How are you supposed to distinguished between a cool “come get me” attitude and a cool ice princess one? Sometimes women just lead you on so that they can watch you fumble and fall on your face, when they had no intention of going anywhere with you anyway.

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What are the real signals that a woman isn’t interested? Here’s a list, starting from the most obvious to the lesser signals that you may not catch.

• She ignores you, insults you or flat out tells you she is not interested.
• She walks away.
• She starts another conversation while she’s in conversation with you.
• She looks back towards her friends or anywhere except at you.
• She has crossed arms or a “standoffish” posture.
• She backs away when you lean closer.
• She turns her body to the side rather than angling it towards you.
• She answers all your questions with a quick, “Uh-huh,” and doesn’t ask you any questions back.

If a woman at a club is playing cool, here’s one way you can see if it’s just a pose: ask her to dance! Often, women just get bored with small talk. Let your moves on the dance floor speak volumes.

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The 5 Most Deadly Conversation Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Women

Let’s face it…

If you want to create attraction in a woman… you must possess the ability to talk.

You can know all the “secret attraction building techniques” in the world… but if you can’t carry a conversation… YOU GET NO WHERE.

(Don’t worry, we’ll discuss some of those “secret attraction building techniques in future articles.)

Right now I want to concentrate on the exact ways you’re killing your conversations… probably without realizing it.

Mistake #1 — Breaking the 90/10 Rule When Starting a Conversation

Have you ever noticed that most conversations don’t pick up steam until about 5-10 minutes in?

This is because when you start talking to someone new, especially somebody you do not know yet, they are going to be just as cold inside their heads as you were before you psyched yourself up — making yourself ready to start that conversation.

A conversation needs time to build “conversation momentum.”

The problem most guys face is that don’t ever give their conversations a chance to build that “momentum.”

Most guys expect to hit this “conversation flow” too quickly. And because of this the opposite effect happens… and their conversations just “stall out.”

Well you have to carry the conversation. Be prepared, in the first five or so minutes, to carry the conversation by providing 90, or even sometimes 100, percent of all the content until the woman gets warmed up a little bit.

How do you do that?

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Keep talking!

Well the rule is very simple: Just keep talking.

By taking control of the conversation right from the beginning, you allow her time to “warm up” and shift her brain from “receive mode” rather than “give mode.”

In future articles I’m going to show you exactly what tools you need to be able to do this… but for now, just know you HAVE be prepared to talk 90% of the time for the first 5-10 minutes of your conversations….

Mistake #2 — Not Recognizing the Signals a Woman Is Giving You

You have to recognize the signals that women are giving you so you know whether you have the right kind of emotional intensity — the right energy — and whether the topics you are talking about are actually even appropriate for this point in the conversation.

How do you do that?

Well, you use your senses. Your eyes and your ears are your best friends. You have to watch people’s reactions and learn to read them.

You naturally have a good sense of when you are boring her, when she is excited and how she is reacting to you. You just have to make sure you pay attention.

The rule of thumb is when you first start a conversation with someone or with a group of people, you want to have a little bit more energy than that group had before you came in.

You must recognize where she is at in terms of her energy level, her enthusiasm, her excitement, and how her neurology is wired up and lit up. Then you can pitch your own energy level to be just slightly above that. And you will be sure to be a success wherever you go because you will not be too much and you will not be too little.

Mistake #3 — Not Assuming Rapport Right From the Beginning

For the longest time I could never understand why it took so long for me to develop rapport with women… while my friends seem to jump right into it.

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And then it hit me…

I was waiting for rapport to happen naturally… and they were assuming it.

When you are talking to a woman, even if it’s your first time talking to her… talk to her in the same laid back way you would talk to an old friend.

Most guys do the complete opposite… they talk to a woman in a “stiff, formal” way reserved for strangers…. And this just makes it more apparent that you are a STRANGER. And this puts her guard up. And this creates that uncomfortable “awkwardness” that is devastating to a conversation.

By jumping right into rapport you create a more natural feeling conversation and give her the feeling of “knowing you forever.”

Mistake #4 — Going Into “Interview Mode”

I know you’ve experienced it… talking to a woman, and feeling like you’re on a job interview.

This is the dreaded “interview mode.”

This happens when you don’t know what to talk about. So to keep the conversation going you ask questions like:

What do you do for a living?
What do you do for fun?
Where did you grow up?
What kind of music do you like?
It’s not the questions themselves that kill you. It’s the rapid firing of question after question… and the steady stream of fact based answers that destroy any sort of “chemistry.”

A conversation is supposed to fun vibing back and forth… it’s not supposed to feel like a job interview.

Mistake #5 — Letting Her “Lead” the Conversation

Most guys are so unsure of themselves when talking to a woman that they look for the woman to give them “approval” or “permission” before they take any lead in the conversation.

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And this is DEAD wrong.

The minute a woman realizes you’re looking to her to lead the conversation… her attraction instantly disappears.

Most guys let the woman lead the conversation because they are scared of “pissing her off” or choosing the wrong topic.

But here is the thing…

Women will follow whatever tone you set for the conversation. If you set a fun, flirty vibe… she will follow.

And even if she isn’t interested in the topic you’ve chose to discuss… she’ll still respect you a lot more for taking the initiative.

The Biggest Mistake

Do you want to know what the biggest mistake men make in regards to their conversations with women?

Not getting help.

Would you believe that 10 years ago it was nearly impossible to find this sort of information on improving your conversations with women? This meant that guys were forced to either struggle forever, or figure it out on their own.

However, you have no excuse. There is help available. Help that can change your “game” almost overnight.

Even though it has been close to five years since I last struggled with this… I still know the pain you feel. I had felt it for more than two thirds of my life. And I don’t wish that pain on anyone.

Now, I know that anytime, anywhere I can go out and talk to women and create attraction.

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This is what fueled me to create a program about this. I asked 5 of the guys I know who are the absolute best at talking to women… to join me on this program to help create that change in you — a lot quicker than it took me.

It’s jam packed with dozens and dozens of specific strategies for creating the right mindset for talking to a woman, getting “in the zone”, making her laugh, creating rapport, keeping a conversation flowing naturally, overcoming “sh*t tests”, dealing with guys who might be overshadowing you, and most importantly, creating attraction as you talk to her….

This is arguably the most comprehensive “conversation training” you will ever receive. There is no way you can listen to this program and not come away with at least a dozen tips that will change the way you communicate with women… nearly immediately.

To become a master at talking to and flirting with women, check out the very popular Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy and learn how to instantly generate attraction through the way you talk to women.

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A question that is on every woman’s mind – WHAT TO WEAR, WHAT TO WEAR!

Here is some help for a wardrobe fix for your closet.

Going through a divorce really does a job on a woman’s self esteem. Some of us give up on our looks for awhile because even trying to look good can be exhausting. Well, don’t wallow too long in self-pity because some of us will get lost and may never come out. Some of us have the mentality that since we feel bad we may as well look that way too. There’s nothing wrong with spending a day being lazy, but if that day grows into two or three and a week, you need to stop that and get back into living.

People will judge you on your appearance and if they say they don’t then their lying. You need to boost your self esteem by starting to take pride again in how you look. Nobody say’s you have to be model perfect, or spend hours in front of a mirror, but taking pride in your appearance again will help you to get back some of the self confidence that you lost during your divorce.

Here are some helpful ways for you to get back into life and back into caring about how you look. Maybe it’s time to go shopping for some new clothes. Doing that alone should help you feel better. I’m no expert when it comes to clothes so I found some expert advice on and an article written by Diana Shepherd. This is what she has to say about getting on with your life and looking good doing it.

Get a Haircut
The first thing to do that is a good ego booster is to get a good haircut. You need to get a cut for the way you look now. It doesn’t matter if you may have put on a bit of weight going through your divorce; a good haircut has the potential to make you look good at any weight.

If you don’t have a hairstylist in mind, ask a girlfriend who she trusts. It is advised to talk to the owner or manager of the shop because he or she will have the most experience on what types of styles would be good for you. Some good questions to ask them before he/she cuts your hair is: How long have you been cutting hair, and how long have you been with this particular salon. They should have no problems answering your questions and if they do them maybe you should look somewhere else. This is your new life that you are beginning and you want to don’t want a bad haircut to start off with.

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The hairdresser will take into consideration your type of hair (curly, straight, limp, fly-away, etc.) the shape of your face (round, oval, heart-shaped, thin, etc.), and your lifestyle (indoor or outdoor job, amount of time you’re willing and able to devote to styling your hair on a daily basis, etc.) before suggesting a style. Tell the stylist how much time you can spend on your hair every day. If you’re a busy single parent with a demanding job as well as kids, you need “wash-and-wear hair.” choosing a style that’s going to take 45 minutes to arrange, is not going to work for your busy schedule so do yourself a favor by getting something easy to take care of. Also, if you can’t afford to have your hair cut every six weeks, stay away from short styles. A good medium-length cut will look good as it’s growing out, so you can get away with four haircuts a year.

It’s a good idea to let the stylist work from beginning to end with your hair. Trying to save a little money by not having your hair styled afterwards is not a good idea; at least have your first cut styled so you know how to get the same look at home.
Once you have a great cut, take care of your hair by avoiding excessive blow-drying, damp combing, or curling — all of which can damage your hair.

Wasting money on expensive shampoo is like sending your money down the drain with the suds. Your hair is dead as soon as it grows out of the scalp, so products that claim to “feed or nourishes” your hair is really a waste of money. It’s suggested that if you want healthier hair than taking vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E, Beta Carotene, and Biotin will help more taken orally more than rubbing something on your hair. Expensive is not necessarily better, you should use a clarifying shampoo once a month to get rid of excess conditioner and styling product buildup. Now that we have taken care of your hair, lets move on to the wardrobe.

Out of the closet
If your spending 15 minuets everyday looking for something to wear, then it’s time to re-invent your closet. The first thing you need to do is organize your closet. This will take a good two or three hour, so give yourself plenty of time. Be ruthless with your clothes and start filling bags or boxes with stuff you haven’t worn for six months or more. These will go to Goodwill or some other organization that needs clothes. I’m sure since the hurricane there are many places in need of nice clothes. Filling these bags or boxes will also give your ego a boost because you know your helping someone else in dire need of what you have to give. Get rid of everything you know you will not wear, and if they don’t fit, or if there out of date, give them away, this includes shoes too. You will be buying clothes that fit the way you are today.

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A wardrobe that works
You should buy the best clothes you can afford because they will last for years. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t spend $200 on one jacket after my divorce. If the best you can do is buy a few things for this year, then that’s what you need to do. When your financial situation gets a little better in the next year or two, then you can buy better clothes. Try to do the best you can with what you have at this time. Target and K-Mart have really nice business clothes that won’t set you back, and nobody needs to know were you buy your clothes unless you tell them.
Buy clothes that fit you, don’t buy them too small or tight, (in hopes that your going to loose that weight), or clothes that are too big and hang on you, (to hide that you have gained weight). Doing this only makes you look heavier than you really are.

These next couple of pages will help you pick out the things you need for work and play according to what you do and where you live. Remember to treat yourself with kindness because you have been going through a really emotional time. Don’t beat yourself up if you have put on a few pounds because it happens to the best of us. I personally became friends with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for a couple of months and I’m still trying to loose the weight I gained from my divorce. Try not to let it consume your life and get out there. Get a great haircut, buy some great clothes and you will see an immediate improvement.

These are the suggestions by Diana Shepherd, I didn’t change too much because I need all the help I can get when it comes to clothes and what looks good with what. I did happen to take her advice, and I went clothes shopping myself. Wearing the clothes that fit right will do wonders for your self image, so don’t wait too long to go shopping. I have an appointment for the haircut though. I haven’t been to a beauty salon for almost two years now, so I really need it.

The Basics
The Basics are the clothes you’ll wear every day. You should love them, they should be comfortable and easy-care, and you should feel confident that you look great wearing them. If you don’t know which styles flatter your particular body type, pick up a book such as Presenting Yourself: A Personal Image Guide by Mary Spillane
Pants should be comfortable, but not sloppy. Choose a washable fabric that holds its shape (check out the wrinkle-free, tailored pants that you can find at most department stores).
Wear the crisp white cotton shirt to work with your suit or you can wear it with a skirt, or with jeans for a casual but classy look. Make sure it’s made of good-quality, washable cotton, and that the style is simple for easy ironing.

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You look marvelous!
Be realistic about what an attractive appearance can do for you. It won’t make you happy or successful in life or in love. What it can do is give you a little extra self-confidence, which might be the boost you need to get into action somewhere you’ve been stopped — whether that’s looking for a new job or a new relationship.

Because divorce is such a taxing experience, anything you can do to lower your stress is a good thing. Drugs and alcohol really are not stress relievers, so do things more natural and healthy. With these tips, you will be able to get up in the morning, going right to the closet already having something to wear in mind, a quick shower, a little make up, and you are on your way, looking and feeling great to face your day.

Women’s Basics
a jacket in your Basic Color (black, brown, or navy)
two skirts (one long, one short) in your Basic Color
a pair of pants in your Basic Color
a white cotton shirt (or two)
a silky blouse
a simple all-purpose dress in your Basic Color (dress it up with faux pearls for a night out, or wear it under a jacket at work)
two turtlenecks or long-sleeved T-shirts, one white and one in your Basic Color
a couple of plain, round-necked cotton T-shirts in white
one pair of flat shoes in your Basic Color
one pair of medium-heel (an inch and a half to two inches) pumps in your Basic Color
one good purse in your Basic Color
one good leather belt in your Basic Color
pantyhose and socks in your Basic Color, and skin-toned pantyhose
jeans, sweaters, shorts, sneakers, swimsuits, sportswear etc. to suit your needs and lifestyle two vests: one in your Basic Color, and one in a color you love and/or a print.

The lengths of the skirts will depend on your body type and where you’re going to be wearing them. If you’re buying them primarily for work, one above the knee and one below the knee will probably be best. If you go out frequently to evening functions, your long skirt should be 3/4 or ankle length. Again, both these skirts should be plain, well-cut, and the style should flatter your body type.

You’ll also need one silky (perhaps real silk) blouse for evening wear or dressy events. Most silk or silky fabrics can be hand-washed without a problem; think twice about a blouse that absolutely requires dry-cleaning. For me, it’s a waste of time and money to be lugging shirts to the dry-cleaner on a regular basis, so I usually pass on anything I can’t wash myself.

A word about undergarments: if you’ve never done it, now’s the time to visit a specialty boutique and have an experienced salesperson help you find a bra that really fits you. I thought all bras were monstrously uncomfortable until a knowledgeable sales assistant showed me that I was wearing the wrong style and size (these are very common mistakes). And as for panties, I suggest you buy one pair a size larger than you normally would (most panties are sized much smaller than regular clothes). Take them home and wear them, and if they’re comfortable (and don’t “ride up” or bind your legs or tummy), go back and buy another six pairs in white, black, and skin-tone. You can also buy extra panties in a color you love; if hot-pink makes you feel happy and brave, by all means buy some hot-pink panties!

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How to Make Women Chase You

Most men shoot themselves in the foot by pursuing women aggressively, a.k.a. “chasing” them. Not only does this behavior turn a woman off, but it completely destroys any possibility that the woman will chase you.

In any relationship, at the beginning, one party is going to be more interested than the other. As a guy, it’s always better for you if the girl is more interested in you than you are in her. Here’s how to make sure that women chase you rather than vice-versa:

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1) Go Slow At First

When you first start dating, or even just talking to a woman you’re interested in, you want to take it really slow. Don’t be all up in her business 24/7 asking her to hang-out, texting her, bringing her little presents or whatever. Instead, act casual. Don’t treat her like you think she’s a big deal. Act like she’s just some girl you know.

2) Give Her Space

If you meet a woman at a bar, don’t suffocate her with your attention. The mistake most guys make is that when they find a girl who is willing to talk to them, they stick on her like a piece of lint from that moment on. They stay by her all night, they ignore everybody else, and they basically act like she is the focal point of their entire universe. Bad, bad, bad!

Instead, talk to her for a minute and then turn to your friend or the guy next to you at the bar and start talking to them. Or go take a leak, or whatever and then go back to the girl. This way she’ll be thinking “hmmm? I wonder if he’s going to come back?”

The same thing goes when you’ve just started dating a woman. Keep doing the stuff you were doing before you met her, like going out with your friends… Don’t try to see her every day.

3) Date Other Girls

When you’re dating new women all the time, you send out a totally different vibe than a guy who doesn’t date much. You’ll seem relaxed and content, not anxious and horny like some guy who hasn’t gotten laid in 10 years.

Also, a woman is way more likely to chase you if she thinks you date a lot. If she thinks you’re all hers, she’ll wait for you to call her. If she thinks she has competition she’ll be thinking, “What is he doing right now? I hope he’s not with that blonde he was talking to… Dammit I should give him a call!”

Of course you shouldn’t mention the other girls you are dating, just act like it’s assumed. You don’t even need to be dating anyone else for this to work. Just act like you are. Try to develop an abundance mindset towards dating.

While dating multiple girls is easier said than done, once you have three or four girls you are seeing, new ones will just seek you out and start chasing you because you are putting out this crazy stud vibe that women can’t resist.

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