Let’s have a look at How to Text a Girl You Just Met

Sending text messages to a girl you just met can be a fun, private way to learn more about someone you found attractive or fascinating.

When texting a girl you just met, you want to come across as respectful and interesting by showing some class and asking questions that lead to ongoing, exciting discussions.

If done right, you can even make her look forward to seeing you again in person and arrange another meetup or date.

Showing Proper Texting Etiquette

Give it time. You might be tempted to text her as soon as you score those digits, but think twice: texting her while she’s still standing there could signal to her that you don’t trust her to be honest about her number, and may give her the impression that you’re pushy or overbearing.

* If you genuinely just want to make sure you copied her number correctly, you can show her or read it back aloud and ask her to confirm its accuracy.
* The exception, of course, is if she asks you to send her a text so she can log your number, too, or if she sends you a text first as a way of giving you her number.
* While there’s no firm rule about how long to wait before sending that first text, it’s usually a good idea to wait until the following day (or the evening of the same day if you got her number in morning / early afternoon and have long since parted ways). Any sooner makes you seem too eager, but any later makes her wonder if she’s anything more than an afterthought to you.

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Text her when she will likely be available. If you want your crush to respond and feel excited about your texts, text her when you know she’s available. For example, if you know she works until 5 p.m., wait until after 7 p.m. to text her when you know she’s relaxing at home.

* Use context clues from your first meeting to figure out if there are any abnormalities in her schedule. For instance, if she talked about being exhausted after switching to swing shift, you’ll know not to call her between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m.
* If you don’t know the details of her schedule, it’s usually safe to assume she has a standard schedule. Texting in the evening, from about 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., will be a safe bet for your first text. You can pay attention to when she responds during subsequent texting and adjust your timing as needed.

Keep text messages relatively short. Short text messages are more effective at grabbing someone’s attention and keeping them engaged. Short texts also prevent your crush from growing bored while she’s waiting for your responses, and prevent you from seeming too needy as a result of sending long, detailed stories about your life.

* While this is especially important when texting a girl you just met, it’s a good guideline to follow in the future, too. Texting should usually be reserved for short, lighthearted conversations; save lengthier topics of conversation for after you’ve gotten to know her better, and for phone or in-person chats.

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Use correct spelling and proper grammar. Writing correctly sends a good first impression, and makes it look as though you value her enough to write well thought-out messages that make sense.

* On a similar note, avoid using too many acronyms and abbreviations. This can lead to misunderstanding and end your conversation if she doesn’t understand exactly what you’re trying to say. Spell out full words when you’re tempted to use acronyms, and use simple acronyms in moderation, such as ASAP.

Use emoticons in moderation. Emoticons are cute and funny at the right moments, but can seem annoying and silly if you use them too often, or at the wrong times. For example, when she shares a story that legitimately has you laughing out loud, share a laughing emoticon to show that you think she’s hilarious.

* Use emoticons only when you want to emphasize a certain emotion. Most people interpret an emoticon in the same way they would interpret the corresponding real-life facial expression, so emoticons can help you clarify that you’re happy, sad, or silly when making a certain remark.
* On the other hand, a person’s facial expression doesn’t often change that much every millisecond–so if you litter a text message with a dozen different emoticons, you’ll come across as less sincere and potentially untrustworthy.

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Text the girl about as often as she texts you. Texting too often, or way more than she texts you, can make you come across as desperate, needy, and less attractive. Maintain her interest by keeping your text ratio close to 1:1.

* It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you end up starting most text conversations early on, but avoid doing so if she never replied back to a previous text that needed a response. Sending a second or third text if she hasn’t replied to your first can make you seem desperate.

Be flirtatious without being overtly sexual. If the two of you flirted when you met, you can also be flirtatious when you text. Always be polite, though, and tailor your texts based on what she’s comfortable with.

* To start out, aim to be funny, sweet, or a little cheesy. A good flirtatious text to open with could be along the lines of, “You were so beautiful last night that I completely forgot my pickup line,” or, “It’s too bad you left so earlier yesterday. I wanted to see way more of your beautiful smile.”
* Avoid sending anything rude or overtly sexual. Sending sexy messages and photos to this girl so soon can result in her feeling offended and blocking your number. Wait until you’ve spent more time together before sending texts of an intimate nature, and make sure she’s comfortable with it before sending her something she’d wish she could unsee.

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