The Tantalizing Technique

The following technique may well be the most important piece of knowledge that you will ever learn about dating. You will not only get more dates with the women you try it on, many of them will fall completely in love with you.

By now, you’ve learned about the common mistakes that men make on the first date. These mistakes included moving too fast and not being interesting enough.

I have made many of these mistakes myself, and there are many other men out there that continue to make these mistakes all the time.

You would think that we would learn from our mistakes, but that is a mighty task when you consider how difficult most women are to read.

It took me a long time to figure out what I was doing wrong, and when I did, it was purely by accident. Since that day however, I have had much more success with dating.

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I have now dated many beautiful women. And I’m going to tell you about a series of events and the technique that has changed my life…

Six years ago, I was a complete and utter failure with women. Even though I firmly believed that my logic for dating was sound. My theory was that I would ask enough women out until one said yes, and then I would try my hardest to let her know how much I wanted her.

Most of the time, this failed. When my dating plan actually worked, it would rarely last past three dates. My dates would tell me that they just wanted to be friends, or worse yet, stop returning my calls.

I used to put this down to me not being good-looking or interesting enough.

The cycle would continue, and I was constantly feeling rejected and useless. It’s a sad story, I know, but this is where it starts to get good.

Due to my many failures, I thought a lot about the way I was doing things and I figured that I might be trying too hard or coming on too strong.

I decided that the next date that I went on, I would forget about sex completely and act is if she didn’t turn me on at all. I was going to treat it like an experiment, to see what would happen if I did things differently.

It wasn’t long before I got another date. I asked out a girl named Sarah. Actually I’m lucky she decided to go out with me at all, considering I asked her out by leaving a note in her pocket when we were at a party!

For our first date, I met Sarah for coffee, then we decided to go out dancing at a local Irish club I knew and we had a great time. I made no sexual passes the whole evening.

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Instead, I treated Sarah like a good friend. It’s amazing how relaxed things are when you aren’t thinking about sex. When I dropped Sarah home, I gave her a small kiss on the cheek and said goodbye, much to her surprise.

I continued like this for another six dates, until Sarah couldn’t take it anymore and made a move on me in her apartment. I couldn’t believe what I had stumbled on to.

The Tantalize Technique, put very simply, is to refrain from making any sexual advances for at least six or seven dates. It’s so simple that it’s laughable. But trust me, it works like magic.

For one, it makes you different than most other guys. It also presents her with a challenge, and women love that. You really have to take on a non-sexual attitude early in the dating game. If she thinks that you don’t find her appealing, she will do anything within her seductive powers to prove to you that she is.

Since I have been using this technique, I have dated many women and had many of them fall in love with me. In the first six dates, I make myself very hard to get. I keep her guessing by not calling her too often, and I let her know if I’m dating other women.

I treat her with care and respect, but I don’t let her think that she is everything to me. A guy that is impossible to keep drives women crazy because they are a mystery and a challenge. If you try this technique, you will be amazed with the results.

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