What causes men to get rejected by woman

Think back to the last time that a woman turned you down for a date. What was your approach? Before asking her out, how confident were you that she would say, “Yes” ? What was her reaction?

Chances are, you were left wondering what went wrong. This situation occurs all too often. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the main reasons women turn men down is that men don’t sell themselves very well. If a salesperson selling soap approached you and said, “Here it is, would you like to buy it?” you probably wouldn’t give them a second glance. Why would their soap be any different than the soap that you already use?

You wouldn’t know because they haven’t told you.

Now I’m not suggesting that you should ever try to convince a woman to liking you by reasoning with her. Attraction doesn’t work that way. What you have to do is sell yourself as something that is unique.

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You have to show her that you have something different to offer than all the other guys that she has met. Women want a unique man. They want someone who is going to make them feel special.

When asking a woman out on a date, most guys ask out for dinner and a movie. Sometimes they get to the first or second date, then something goes wrong and they never get any further.

At this point, you may be thinking that this sounds all too familiar. You went on a few dates with this fantastic girl, things went fine and you had a good time, but she stopped returning your calls after a while. The reasons for this are probably the same reasons for why you fail to get a first date.

You didn’t show her how unique and attractive you are, and she got bored. You’re probably thinking now, ‘How do I sell myself, what do women want from me?’

As I mentioned earlier, women want something unique and special, something that is a real treat for them. The next time you ask a girl out on a date, make it something that is totally different than any date that she has had before.

If you make it unique, she will remember you for it, and she will want to see you again. On the second date, do something different than on the first. Keep it interesting. You don’t need to be good-looking; you just need to be a little different than the norm.

Here are some good ideas for different dates that will have women eager to go out with you. Ask her to go on a bicycle ride through a park; it’s very romantic and far more engaging than a movie. Perhaps you could ask her to go on a picnic or go to an amusement park.

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One thing that women often complain about is that men don’t dance. Most women love dancing and would love a guy to take them. Dancing is sensuous and exciting, and you get to be close to her.

All these dates play on one thing. They are interesting, memorable, and, most importantly, they are romantic. If there is one thing that women want the most, it is a little romance from someone they are attracted to.

Mistakes Men Make on the First Date
I have talked to many women on the subject of the first date, and the similarities in their stories are startling. When asked about mistakes that men make on a first date, many women said that guys are too aggressive and don’t show enough respect. In a few cases, women actually felt that they were not safe because of their date’s behavior. This is a sad thing, and it happens far too often.

Women want guys that are caring and sensitive to their needs. If you are pushy and aggressive about what you want, you will find it very hard to keep a girl past the first date. If you show respect and treat women as more than just a piece of meat, then you are well on your way to a fulfilling relationship. A sex-crazed caveman is a big turn-off on the first date. We are an evolved species. We don’t take women with club in hand anymore.

On the first date, don’t bombard her with sexual demands. If you take your time, it gives her the impression that you are a skilled lover and that you are willing to get to know her.

Most men make the mistake of trying to get sex on the first date because they think that if they succeed in doing so, they have succeeded in getting the girl.

This is far from the truth. You must take your time. Women love sex just as much as men, but on the first date it pays to move slow.

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