What to do on your first date, that big “D” night

Planning the first date
Thinking about your first date can become a bit overwhelming. Try to relax! Dinner and drinks may feel a little like a job interview, so why not visit an exhibition, go to a market, or take a stroll together on your first date? It takes the pressure off, gives you something to talk about, and if sparks don’t fly, at least you’ll have had a fun day out.

First date conversation
Think of five open-ended questions to ask your date; some based on their profile and a couple on current events. If the conversation dries up, use them.

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On the day
Try to arrive on time. Make an effort to get to know your date. Unless it’s an emergency – or you’ve faked one because the date is going badly – put your phone away for the evening. It’s also important to be prepared to pay your way- don’t put yourself in a situation where you feel like you owe your date something or they are indebted to you.

And finally…
Don’t assume that your date is a mind reader. Don’t say “I’ll call you” if you’d rather extract your own teeth than meet again. And if you had a good time, say so! It could be the start of a beautiful romance.

More information
If you’re still in need of some tips, the Dating Services blog contains lots more information and advice from the Dating Services team on topics like what to wear on the first date, when you should introduce someone to your friends, and even how much you should drink when you first meet someone.

Good luck and happy dating!

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